Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls From a Can

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Start your day off right with a dose of these decadent Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls from a can! Simply pop open a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, and you’re halfway to baked. Never tried marijuana in your cinnamon rolls before? You’re in for a real treat. (And no one will ever have to know that they’re not homemade).


  • One can Cinnamon Rolls (we like Pillsbury, but choose the brand of your choice. They’re found in the refrigerated section)
  • One teaspoon CannaButter per cinnamon roll


  1. Bake cinnamon rolls according to package
  2. While hot, drizzle 1 teaspoon CannaButter on
    each cinnamon roll.
  3. Top with cinnamon roll icing from the can.


DOSAGE: We are providing a dosage for one cinnamon roll. Assuming you’re using a marijuana with 10% THC, each cinnamon roll contains 23-24 mg of THC.

If your CannaButter was made using a strain that contains more than 10% THC, you can determine your exact dosing using our free dosage calculator.

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