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Cannabis Edibles Recipes: How to Cook with Cannabis

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Welcome to the Cannabis Spatula! Whether you’re brand new to cooking with cannabis or you’re a pot-cooking professional, you’re going to love our recipes.

New to Cooking with Cannabis?

Picture of marijuana next to glass jar.

If you are new to the art of cooking with cannabis, you’re in the right place. Most likely once you read through this article, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how easy making cannabis edibles recipes can really be.

Let’s get started!

Let’s Start with the Basics

marijuana on a blue cookie sheet

A lot of first-time cannabis cooks think that cooking with cannabis is as simple as tossing some marijuana into their batch of cookies – like you would a handful of chocolate chips.

Unfortunately, this won’t you high.

And it probably won’t be a very tasty cookie either.

The key to making cannabis edibles recipes is creating a cannabis infusion that will then be added to your recipe.

These infusions are simple to make, and the best part is that you can make big batches at a time so you’ll have some on hand whenever you feel the urge to bake.

The recipes at Cannabis Spatula contain the following infusions:

Cannabis Infused Butter

Cannabis Infused Oil

and Cannabis Infused Honey.

But Before you Make Your Infusions, you have to do one little thing…

decarbed marijuana just coming out of the oven.

All of our infusion recipes have one main ingredient: decarbed weed.

Did you know that you need to heat your marijuana in order to release the THC (the stuff that will actually get you high?) We’re not kidding.

Click here to read more about why you need to decarb your weed and how to do it.

Now It’s Time to Start Cooking

Now that you better understand the process of how to cook with cannabis, it’s time to get cooking! You can search our recipe database for recipes that fit your current lifestyle. From sweet to savory, gluten free, keto, vegan and even paleo – we have a cannabis recipe for you!

Click here to see all of our Cannabis Edibles Recipes.

Questions About Dosing?

We all want to get high, but no one wants to get too high. We understand that, so we’ve been very careful in how we dose our recipes.

Click here to learn more about how we dose all of the recipes at Cannabis Spatula.

Let’s Avoid Accidental Highs

We firmly believe in helping you craft cannabis edibles recipes in your kitchen. We also firmly believe that no one should eat a cannabis edible without knowing that they may get high.

Click here to download free labels for your cannabis edibles.


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  17. Logan

    October 12, 2020 at 3:36 am

    In your recipes for cannabutter, cannaoil, and cannahoney it says however many mg the per Oz. Is that per ounce of cannabis or per ounce of product?

    • Cannabis Spatula

      October 12, 2020 at 1:49 pm

      I don’t know if I fully understand your question. For the recipes for oil, butter and honey, we reference ounces of decarbed cannabis. For the actual recipes that you’ll cook with the butter, honey or oil, we reference dosing as how many mg of THC you can expect per serving. That amount is of the total recipe. Hope that helps!

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