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Labeling your Cannabis Edibles – Free Printable Labels for Marijuana Treats

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We love that you’re cooking your own cannabis edibles in your kitchen, and we hope that you’re finding our recipes and tips helpful as you get high at home.

Whether you have roommates, frequent visitors or nosy neighbors, you’ve probably already realized the risk of someone eating your cannabis-infused recipes without realizing that there’s weed baked in.

No one wants an accidental high!

To help avoid this situation, we recommend labeling all of your Cannabis Edibles to make sure that everyone knows exactly what they’re eating.

This can also be helpful to you in case you find yourself with a fridge or freezer full of leftovers.

Which is why we’ve created something to make your life a little easier.

Free Printable Labels for Cannabis Edibles

Complete the form below to receive your Printer Friendly Food Labels. We’ll also send you the complete guide to cooking with cannabis (free!)


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  2. chris Mitchell

    December 24, 2020 at 5:11 am

    awesome, i would say use Evaporated sweetened milk as well gives it extra taste.

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