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More than 10 of the Best Cannabis Cookies Recipes – Digital Cookbook

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If you’re looking to bake weed cookies, you are in the right place! We’re sharing more than 10 of our very favorite recipes to teach you how to make the best cannabis cookie edibles. This includes our easy Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies, our No Bake Cookies, Tollhouse Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies and even store bought sugar cookies with Cannabis Cream Cheese Frosting. YUM!

Whether you’re a seasoned pro at cooking with cannabis or just getting started, these recipes are for you. And they’re all bundled into one digital cookbook to make your life as easy as possible!

10+ of the Best Cannabis Cookies Recipes

In this digital cookbook, you’ll receive recipes for the following marijuana cookies:

  • Cannabis Peanut Butter Cookies (with just 4 ingredients)
  • Cannabis Snickerdoodles
  • Store Bought Sugar Cookies with Cannabis Cream Cheese Frosting
  • Cannabis M&M Cookies
  • Cannabis Butter Pecan Ice Box Cookies
  • Cannabis Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies
  • Cannabis Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Cannabis Oatmeal Butter Cookies
  • Cannabis White Chocolate Macademia Nut Cookies
  • Cannabis No Bake Cookies
  • Cannabis Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

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Plus, you’ll also receive our free getting started guide

Our free guide walks you through everything you need to know to start cooking with cannabis. We’ll help you decarboxylate your weed and then turn it into CannaButter, Canna Oil or CannaHoney – to then use in our recipes. It’s super easy once you know what you’re doing!

And you’ll receive printer friendly labels

And we’re also tossing in printer friendly labels so that you safely label all of your cannabis edibles.

Grab your full Cannabis Cookies Digital Cookbook for just $7!

You’ll receive a link that you can access on your computer or mobile device or for you to print.

Want More?

While you can purchase this digital cookbook for just $7, you can also grab five of our other digital cookbooks for an additional $14. (That’s $21 total). The other titles include:

  • Cannabis Comfort Foods
  • Cannabis Dips + Apps
  • Cannabis Snacks
  • Cannabis Breakfast Recipes
  • Cannabis Desserts

So whether you want to make the perfect Cannabis Smoothie Bowl or sink into Cheesy Cannabis Hashbrowns or Mac N Cheeese, we have you covered!

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